History - United States

Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations Between Washington and Havana

Bad Boys of the Black Hills… And Some Wild Women, Too

Bedside Book of Bad Girls: Outlaw Women of the American West

Black Gun, Silver Star: The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves

Blue Men & River Monsters: Folklore of the North

Bottoms Up: A Toast to Wisconsin's Historic Bars and Breweries

Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia: Exploring the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest

Chasing Shadows: The Nixon Tapes, the Chennault Affair, and the Origins of Watergate

Circle of Treason: A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames and the Men He Betrayed

Colorful Characters of St. Louis, The

Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas

Creating Dairyland: How Caring for Cows Saved Our Soil, Created Our Landscape, Brought Prosperity to Our State, and Still Shapes Our Way of Life in Wisconsin

Creation of the American Republic 1776-1787, The

Damn Near White: An African American Family's Rise From Slavery to Bittersweet Success

Daydreams & Nightmares: A Virginia Family Faces Secession and War

Democracy's Muse: How Thomas Jefferson Became an FDR Liberal, a Reagan Republican, and a Tea Party Fanatic, All the While Being Dead

Downtown St. Louis

Envisioning New Jersey: An Illustrated History of the Garden State

Fallen Astronauts: Heroes Who Died Reaching for the Moon

Fear Within, The: Spies, Commies, and American Democracy on Trial

Field Guide to Antietam, A

Free State of Jones, The: Mississippi's Longest Civil War

Great Ships on the Great Lakes: A Maritime History

Inconvenient Indian, The: A Curious Account of Native People in North America

Indian Nations of Wisconsin: Histories of Endurance and Renewal

Invisibles, The: The Untold Story of African American Slaves in the White House

Jews in Nevada: A History

Mighty Fitz: The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

No Place Like Home: Notes From a Western Life

Old Dominion New Commonwealth: A History of Virginia 1607-2007

Once and Future Great Lakes Country, The: An Ecological History

One Small Farm: Photographs of a Wisconsin Way of Life

Polka Heartland: Why the Midwest Loves to Polka

Prohibition Gangsters: The Rise and Fall of a Bad Generation

Rise of the Biggest Little City, The: An Encyclopedic History of Reno Gaming, 1931-1981

Road to Black Ned's Forge, The: A Story of Race, Sex, and Trade on the Colonial American Frontier

Satan & Salem: The Witch-Hunt Crisis of 1692

Secret St. Louis: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

Settler's Year, A: Pioneer Life Through the Seasons

Short History of Reno

St. Louis: An Illustrated Timeline: Blues, Baseball, Books, Crooks, Civil Rights, and the River

Terror in the City of Champions: Murder, Baseball, and the Secret Society That Shocked Depression-Era Detroit

U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It, The

War on the Waters: The Union and Confederate Navies, 1861-1865

What's With St. Louis?

Witnesses to the Struggle: Imaging the 1930s California Labor Movement

Worse Than the Devil: Anarchists, Clarence Darrow, and Justice in a Time of Terror